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We now have over 500 members from throughout the US and several foreign countries. The members own an amazing array of station wagons. Wagons are represented from the early 1900s to the present with over 30 different makes and countless models. We publish a quarterly newsletter and hold a national convention.
Station Wagons
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Yesterday, 1914 Ford
Tomorrow 2016 Porsch
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News Letters
2009 Oct. No. 44
Tim Cleary, Manager of ASWOA
Old car sellers can be a little crazy
1) “Serious calls only.” What does that even mean? Why start off on a snotty note? Do they say that when you come in to Sears to look at a gas grill? I feel like calling these guys and saying in a monotone voice “I am very serious. I am serious all the time; people say I am too serious….” These ads are usually accompanied by an outrageously high price making it even harder to be serious in the first place.
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Of course, he drove a
station wagon
My son sent me on a nation wide search of wagons for sale. There, in Knoxville sat a tired looking 1988 Mercury Colony Park. Too far gone for me, I thought.
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Many of life’s lessons
I learned from my car.
Patience. It takes a while to fix things up. You have to have the money and the time, which sometimes doesn’t come at the same time or very quickly. Time is on your side if you keep at it. Sometimes these things take years.
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The wonder years
Whenever someone approaches my wagons, they usually only stare in the tailgate window; they want to see and size up the seats or area where they spent so much of their childhood.
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Car of a thousand uses
(Reprinted from August 1971 Ford times)
From Ford: the Wagonmaster for four decades. You don’t want a truck, but you do want a vehicle that will carry a bicycle or a bull fiddle or a basinet. Plus raw lumber or an antique table or television set.
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Cars held hostage
Now the following is coming from a guy when they show a car bomb on television says “wow, that looked like it was a nice car before the bomb went off” but I am beginning to get weird feelings around some old cars.
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Remembering Al Delessio
Way too soon,
Tim’s message
Long time member Al Delessio passed away. He was 58 years old. He lived his whole life in northern Pennsylvania, and worked for one company his entire career.
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?????? No. 58
2015 Sep. No. 61
First Convention 1996
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Some unworthy Boob: Post mortem of a classic wagon that got away.
Every car guy has incredible highs and lows each week as the dream car is discovered and then lost on the worldwide web. We can’t have them all (they say) but when the delectable delight of that wagon in your possession is dragged almost to reality by the wild horses of the imagination, it is hard to face a future laced with the reality of a dismal gray life without your dream buggy.
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Cross Country jaunt in two (station) wagons just like 1874.
The first ASWOA convention
Well we have been 21 years in Charlotte North Carolina. Watched the city and our four kids grow and loved every minute of the weather and the people there. The kids all moved one at a time to Seattle Washington, so you know what came next.
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The first ASWOA convention was held in 1997 in Indianapolis, IN as a single day event. We have since held shows in Libertyville, IL, Charlotte, NC, Pittsburgh, PA, Dearborn, MI, Nashville, TN, Princeton, NJ, and Iola, WI. The 2006 convention will be held August in Troy, Michigan. They sell little girls T- shirts in dance class that say “dance is life…the rest is just details.” Sometimes I think that this is how ASWOA members view life, except insert “station wagons”. For
me it started early. My beloved uncle Wally would take me on fishing trips in his 1959 Ford Ranch Wagon.